Driver Risk Assessments for Employers

Free one hour risk assessment for a person of your choice

If you would like to try before you buy, please ask.  We will visit your premises at an agreed time and risk assess the person of your choice without charge or obligation.  All you need to do is provide a suitable vehicle insured for your driver.

Why should I as an employer bother with risk assessments for my employees who drive as part of their work?

The “clever” answer might be that you could go to jail if you don’t and your company be shut down permanently.  The more considered response would be to alert you to the requirements and show you a simple and cost-effective way to comply with them.

It is not enough for the employer to merely check an employee has a licence and that vehicles are maintained. Health & safety law relates to driving as to all other activities at work.  It applies equally to employees making one short journey to the post office weekly and to those driving 50,000 miles each year.  It includes the self-employed and those using their own vehicles. Directors are employees too and are therefore subject to the same rules.  If something goes badly wrong, you as the employer will be required to demonstrate you have carried out your “Duty of Care” by properly risk assessing your staff who drive as part of their work.

The good news is that Drivexcel offers very cost-effective risk assessments which remove your staff from the workplace for around 90 minutes only and cost just £80 plus VAT if we can assess four drivers on the same day.  We can do lesser numbers of course but the cost rises slightly per driver.

Unlike computer based simulations, Drivexcel risk assessments are the real thing.  The fact is that no computer based simulation can ever accurately assess driving risk – it MUST be done face to face and on the road to detect the very subtle signs of aggression and inattention which form the core of any assessment. The difference in cost is negligible – the cost to you, your employees and your business of getting it wrong is incalculable.

For something more in-depth we also offer a full day Driver Development Course for either one or two drivers together.  Both short and long sessions cover awareness of the police “Roadcraft” system of driving, reading the road, anticipation, taking bends, skid avoidance, hazard awareness, fuel economy, defensive driving techniques, avoiding speeding penalties etc. but clearly the longer sessions cover all areas more thoroughly.

The HSE publish a very helpful free booklet explaining an employer’s obligations relating to Driving at Work (downloadable pdf) at this link
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