Please Note:  I am unable to accept bookings for CBT courses for the foreseeable future.  Apologies for any inconvenience.


Full Day “On-the-Road” CBT Session

Probably the fastest and most effective way to overcome driving-related fear and phobia, a full one-day course lasts around 7 hours and is designed to help you face your fear – the essential first step to recovery.

The day is spent with Mike Weatherstone, who comes to you if required (there is generally no deduction for travelling time) and you use your own vehicle, which Mike does not need to drive.  After an initial discussion he will start the session driving only where you feel completely comfortable.  Mike will assess your driving ability during this first stage, correcting any obvious defects which may be contributing to your fear, then progressing to the actual issues of concern.

This part will identify precisely what your phobia is, explain exactly what is happening to you and why, and then  seek to change the way your mind perceives the danger using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Throughout the day Mike will teach you many new driving techniques based on the police “Roadcraft”  driving system, as taught to generations of police advanced drivers.  You will be impressed as to just how useful these skills are and you will finish the day with knowledge no ordinary drivers ever acquire – no matter how many years they drive.

The effect on driving confidence has to be seen to be believed and this in itself helps greatly with a driving phobia. Take a look at what the professional drivers Mike risk assesses for employers say about these techniques here

Normally by the end of the day, most sufferers are feeling much more relaxed about all aspects of their driving and are pleasantly surprised about just what they have achieved.   As hard as it may be to believe, you will almost certainly be comfortably doing the things that worried you at the start of the day by the end of the day – such as driving on motorways or dual carriageways.

You will also have everything you need to self-treat from then on, plus a copy of Mike’s book “How to Successfully Treat and Overcome Driving related Phobia by Yourself”.  If you have already purchased it then the cost is deducted from the course fee.

The course is not intended to eliminate a long-standing driving phobia in just one day.  Rather it kick-starts the process and gives you the information and tools to deal with it yourself over the following days, weeks and months.

This is not a suitable or practical option for everyone due to their location.  Although we are based near Norwich, Norfolk and don’t normally charge travelling time, we can cover the entire country.  However, we have to charge for the cost of travelling time and expenses for distances over about 100 miles and this can be expensive.

A solution many clients chose is to come here with the help of a friend or relative driving you.  We have an arrangement with a very nice, reasonably priced small hotel nearby, if needed for an overnight stay.  This will reduce the cost considerably if you live a long way from Norfolk.


The cost for a one day practical “on-the-road” course is £325 plus VAT (office-based CBT therapy is usually well in excess of £100 per hour in London).   A mileage charge for a return journey to you of more than 20 miles from Norwich is currently 45p per mile.

Do remember when comparing costs that a Drivexcel course lasts a whole day and ONLY one day, so there is no repeat cost.  The course is specifically designed to avoid creating a dependence – in other words, replacing one problem with another.

The major point to consider is that CBT therapy in a consulting room can be very limited in its effect as the therapist – however good – will never see you drive.  Likewise, a driving instructor – however skilled – will be unlikely to have knowledge about phobias and how to deal with them.  Both skills are needed in tandem – precisely the skills Mike has.

If you think an on-the-road course is for you, please give Mike Weatherstone a call on (01508) 488181 to discuss.