Defensive Driving Talks & Slideshows

A fascinating talk on defensive driving techniques, as taught to generations of police officers.  Fully illustrated by slides of actual situations.

Learn how to really observe the road around you and avoid the 80% of all accidents that should never happen – if only the “innocent” driver saw the situation developing.

Ever forgotten what the speed limit is on the road you are travelling on?  Yes – we’ve all done that but never again once you know the ever present information which will tell you the limit without fail, on every road, every time.  Your licence is precious – don’t risk losing it.

Really “see” the signals all around you that give the clearest possible warning of danger ahead – never miss a vital warning again.

Do you understand what white lines and cat’s eyes are telling you?  If you do then you’re the one in a hundred who does.  The ONLY warning we get of what’s ahead in dense fog, but most drive in complete ignorance of what they are telling us.

Understand what road signs REALLY tell you and save your life at night or in fog.

And much, much more

Talks generally last about an hour but can be tailored to any specific needs.

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