“The Art of Defensive Driving”

By Mike Weatherstone

“The Art of Defensive Driving” (See reviews below)

This book is invaluable and full of useful expert driving tips used by police advanced drivers (the author was one) – most drivers simply never learn these techniques .

Written for the non-expert with one aim in mind – to make the reader much safer on the road,  As a highly trained ex-police traffic officer, qualified CBT therapist specialising in driving-related phobia and for many years a professional driver risk assessor for employers, the author shows HOW to adapt your driving to reduce risk.  He also explains WHY the techniques he describes are so effective.

Packed with simple but life-saving tips and many photographs showing actual situations, this book could quite literally save your live.

About the author

Mike Weatherstone served as a police traffic officer and on other specialist squads, both in his home county of Norfolk and in London.

He passed the coveted RoSPA Gold driving qualification and holds a Class 1 HGV licence.  He is a qualified transport manager with the International Certificate of Professional Competence.
With over 40 years of solid driving experience, including managing and driving complex wide and high load movements, for example, very large boats, Mike has driven well over one million miles, in all conditions and in many types of vehicles.

Mike carries out driver risk assessments for employers to help them comply with their requirements under health & safety law.  These include large national companies, government departments, local authorities and smaller employers.

He provides defensive and advanced driver development courses for private clients, particularly enjoying the opportunity of helping younger drivers who have recently passed their test to “short-circuit” the steep learning curve of driving experience.

As a driving phobia specialist, Mike holds a Level 5  Diploma (equivalent to HND/foundation degree)  in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT – and specialises in helping clients  overcome their fear.  He has been a guest speaker on driving phobias with BBC Radio and was featured in “The Daily Telegraph” in 2016.

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“This is a little gem of a book giving simple and clear advice for safe driving.
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a short broken lines and a longer broken lines?  Have you even noticed the difference?
This and other road symbols are explained simply – many with photos – along with things to look out for and be aware of.  All of which could help avoid accidents.
However experienced, or under-experienced, you are you will find much of interest in this book and lead to more awareness as you drive.”    CAM


“Fifty pages of practical tips and advice that even a driver like myself, with 60+ years of experience, found not only useful but essential in today’s driving environment.   I wish I had this handed to me the day I passed my test.” FD


“The whole family found this book extremely useful by refreshing our “tired” road safety memories and hopefully making us better drivers” Jane Summers 25/4/17