“How to Successfully Treat and Overcome Driving Phobia by Yourself”

                        By Mike Weatherstone

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“How to Successfully Treat and Overcome Driving Phobia by Yourself”

Written by our principal Mike Weatherstone, who is a qualified CBT therapist and ex-police traffic officer, this excellent 120 page E-Book guide is full of practical hints and tips to assist sufferers from driving-related phobia to successfully overcome the problem themselves.

It explains how you can tell if you really do have a phobia, or if you have a simply corrected fault with your driving technique which is causing you fear.  This question is key to understanding the problem and can save a great deal of time and money treating a non-existent problem.

Written in an easy to understand and relaxed style with over 100 pages, Mike helps you to understand exactly what the problem is, how to successfully overcome it and enjoy driving again.  It contains everything you need and includes sample blank journal pages for you to print-out and complete and a very useful section on advanced driving techniques – most of which the average driver just never becomes aware of.

This unique publication is written by one of the few people anywhere who has expert knowledge of both the driving and phobia aspects of driving-related fear and it is the only guide specifically designed to help you determine in which direction the problem lies.

Avoiding hours of therapy or specialised driving tuition treating the WRONG problem to absolutely no effect will pay for the guide many times over.

About the author

Mike Weatherstone served as a police traffic officer and on other specialist squads, both in his home county of Norfolk and in London.

He passed the coveted RoSPA Gold driving qualification and holds a Class 1 HGV licence.  He is a qualified transport manager with the International Certificate of Professional Competence.
With over 40 years of solid driving experience, including managing and driving complex wide and high load movements, for example, very large boats, Mike has driven well over one million miles, in all conditions and in many types of vehicles.

Through his business www.drivexcel.co.uk Mike carries out driver risk assessments for employers to help them comply with their requirements under health & safety law.
These include large national companies, government departments, local authorities and smaller employers.

He provides defensive and advanced driver development courses for private clients, particularly enjoying the opportunity of helping younger drivers who have recently passed their test to “short-circuit” the steep learning curve of driving experience.

As a driving phobia specialist, Mike holds a Level 5  Diploma (equivalent to HND/foundation degree)  in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT – and specialises in helping clients  overcome their fear.  He has been a guest speaker on driving phobias with BBC Radio.

An extremely rare mix of high-level professional driving skills and counselling qualifications gives Mike a quite unique insight into the causes and treatment of driving phobia.

This dual skill-set is vitally important in the treatment of driving “phobia” as the problem may in fact be nothing of the kind.  The ability to determine whether the fear is a phobia, or merely a technical defect in the driving technique of the sufferer which causes fear, is absolutely fundamental in the treatment of the condition.

Delivered in a relaxed, friendly but highly effective way, Mike is widely regarded as an excellent professional coach for those seeking to overcome driving phobia.

Reviews From The UK

Definitely worth a try……………..
I have done training in counselling and can therefore attest to the author’s grasp of the subject and his approach to dealing with phobias. It is true that the book is not long – but it doesn’t need to be, and indeed length for its own sake is counter-productive. The important thing is whether the reader recognises themselves in the author’s description and understanding of their predicament and can identify with it – which I did. No-one can cure your phobia for you – you have to do the work. This book is a tool to that end but without therapy – which often doesn’t work as I know to my cost – and I would highly recommend it. Excellent value for money and definitely worth a try.

A treasure of a book
This is an extremely useful book even if you have been driving for years and think you know it all. It clarifies lots of points that are probably taken for granted in everyday driving. Since reading it I have certainly taken on board a lot of points and feel that my driving has improved. I consider this essential reading for all levels of drivers as everyone needs to be reminded of the basic rules of driving, however long they have been driving.

A great read for any driver
What a Gem of a book for any driver, whether you are someone like me who has been driving up to 30,000 miles a year for the past 40 years or if you’re just entering the “exciting world of the motorist”.

As I am approaching retirement age, I find that driving attitudes are very different now to what they were all those years ago when I first started driving and I found this book is a great guide to help me maintain confidence and overcome some of my fears as an older driver on todays hectic road network.
Well done.

Superb & informative read
A clear, concise & thought provoking read, which I would highly recommend to any driver!  The authors straightforward approach is excellent, easy to follow & intuitive.

Since reading this book I have found a renewed confidence when driving in adverse weather conditions & would go as far to say it has given me a better insight into other road users.
Every driver should read this!!

Congratulations a worthwhile read
This is a very informative and helpful book. I expect it would also help on all types of phobias, not only just driving. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

5* book for ALL DRIVERS!!!
This book serves as an excellent tool to critically evaluate your own line of thinking and driving style and through the CBT techniques you can learn to challenge your negative thoughts/fears about driving. Since reading this book, I have been able to identify where I was going wrong and consequently work towards correcting poor techniques which has increased my driving confidence dramatically.
The book is written in a warm easy to read format where you feel as though you are being guided through each step by the author. I would recommend this book to all drivers, not only those with driving phobia, as it gives so many useful techniques that can be put into practice by all drivers to enable you to drive more confidently and safely.

Reviews from the US

Excellent book – this really works!

This is a beautifully written book. It is written in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, and the author’s obvious command of the subject matter helps provide the necessary confidence that the reader really can overcome his or her phobia. And make no mistake, that is exactly what this book can do, if the reader will put the simple steps outlined by the author into practice. In a well-organized, sensible manner, the author gently guides the reader through the steps of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has long been recognized as being the fastest, best, and only truly practical method of treating phobias.

As a bonus, the book also includes a generous helping of driving safety education, which the author is more than qualified to teach. One caveat: the author is British, so the safety tips are written with UK roads in mind. Of course the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road, so you will have to make adjustment for that. (smile) While this book is intended to help anyone overcome driving phobias, the information is able to be easily modified for use with a wide spectrum of phobias. In fact, early in the book, the author gives a detailed, step-by-step example of how to overcome a phobia of spiders. Given how common phobias of creepy crawlies are, that section alone is worth the price of the book!

Please, if you have been trying to cope with a life-limiting phobia, do yourself a favor: buy this book, put the author’s simple plan into action, and set yourself free. How to Successfully Treat and Overcome Driving Phobia by Yourself

Give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

This book gives you all the tools you need to manage your very real fear and stress by yourself. The book is easy to read, and the process is easy to follow. There is no reason to continue having anxiety on the road!

Don’t hesitate…
If you find that the author’s summary of this book describes you, don’t hesitate to purchase this book. Even if you have no fears, the techniques outlined in this book can help you become a better driver.

One day you might be glad you read this
An excellent book that may save your hide one day. Get it and read it, you will learn something useful, especially if you have any apprehensions about driving.

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